Gumpaste Rose by Good news if you are vegan and enjoy decorating cakes: several Wilton products are animal-friendly!

If you enjoy cake decorating like me, I am sure you have asked yourself this question: are Wilton products vegan? After Googling and trying to figure out if Wilton’s fondant and gum paste are OK to use, I decided to go straight to the source and email the company for information.  They responded very quickly and provided a list of Wilton products that do not contain any animal or animal by-products.  This list does include their ready to use fondant and gum paste (which is what the above rose is made from), gel food colors (I used this as well to color the gum paste pink), and ready-to-decorate icing, just to name a few!

Below is the list and you can download the PDF here:

Wilton Vegan Products List

Happy cake decorating!

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  1. Callisto says:

    The frosting icing lists gelatin, is it not animal derived?

    • olivia says:

      Hello, This list was given to me by Wilton products after I emailed asking to confirm which products were vegan. From my understanding no animal products or by products are used on this list–unless it has been recently updated! I will email them again since it has been awhile to double check–thank you for pointing that out!

  2. Kevin says:

    Have you tried aquafaba yet?

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