Bagel and Hash Brown Sandwich - VeganMofo day 4’s prompt:

Tell us about a weird food combo that you love.

So I originally was going to have this be part of my Vegan Mofo day 1 breakfast post, until my boyfriend told me this sounded so weird and gross that I decided this was perfect for today’s prompt!  Bagel and hash brown with cream cheese and ketchup is sooooo good!  Trust.

A little background on this delicious (I swear, you have to try it!) but “weird” food combo: it all started at North High School in Torrance, CA.  It was a thing for us to put cream cheese on a bagel, add a hash brown on top of that, smother it with ketchup, and devour.  We would make this “sandwich” before school started or in between our morning classes and it made the perfect snack (minus the healthy part)!  I know, it might sound gross to you and imagining putting ketchup on your bagel might sound extra gross and messy– but this is what I thought as well and yet my mind was changed with that first bite.  I say this is a North High thing because since high school, throughout college, and into my adult life, I have been asking people if they have ever eaten this before and nobody (thus far) has ever heard of such a thing! (If you weren’t a NHS Saxon and have eaten this before, you must leave a comment and tell me about it!)

Use the left over bagel and hash browns from my vegan breakfast bagel sandwich to try this weird combo (that is mostly delicious and only a little weird) out ;) and let me know how you like it!

Bagel and Hash Brown Sandwich - Bagel and Hash Brown Sandwich -


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