The Vegan Table VeganMofo Day 12:

Tell us about your favorite cookbook!

The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau was a gift from my mom when I first became vegan–I loved it then and love it now all these years later!  I have to admit that I get really excited about buying cookbooks but sometimes they end up sitting on the bookshelf when I bring them home :T.  But not this one.  I have tried many recipes from The Vegan Table and several of them have become favorites.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying plant-based recipes!

Here are the reasons why The Vegan Table has become one of my most loved and used cookbooks:

The Vegan Table 1)  First and foremost the food is good!  The recipes are delicious and totally user friendly.  The directions are easy to follow and not intimidating at all.  Nutritional facts (calories, fat, protein, carbs, dietary fiber, cholesterol, and sodium) are available below each recipe as well.

2) This book includes “200 unforgettable recipes for entertaining every guest at every occasion” and is split up into 6 chapters which includes: romantic dinners for 2, casual meals for 4-6, formal dining or 6-10, menus for special occasions, feasts for the holidays, and a section for buffets, heavy appetizers, and finger foods.  Each section includes seasonal menus which I love–use them as is or as inspirational.  Although this book is made to help you entertain, there are plenty of recipes that work for everyday if you are normally cooking for only yourself.

3) It includes some of my favorite recipes– Faux “tuna” salad using chickpeas, a Moroccan-inspired stew spiked with saffron (it’s perfect for chilly nights over couscous), stuffed bell peppers (these are very pretty and have a nice “wow” factor so it’s great when you want to impress), and balsamic strawberries.

5) Sprinkled throughout the book are cooking and entertaining tips, facts about the ingredients being used, and fun food lore.  Learn a few extra things in addition to the recipes!

6) In addition to the tips and fun facts, this book includes honest and thoughtful text about living a compassionate lifestyle.  As a vegan, I really resonated with everything that was written and it’s nice to not feel alone in this journey (especially if you are the only vegan in your circle of friends or family.)  There’s also a helpful tip sheet for friends and family of vegans as well.

 7) Photos!  No cookbook is complete without photos in my opinion and it’s one of my favorite parts.  Not only are the pictures great for recipe reference and entertaining ideas, the color scheme on each page and the patterns are lovely as well.

A Look Inside The Vegan Table

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