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My amazing animal advocate friend used the hashtag #Thanksliving on Facebook the other day and I thought it was such a perfect way to describe a compassionate Thanksgiving that I had to borrow it!

I feel like every year I see more and more recipes and holiday spreads that are vegan and it makes me so happy!  There really are so many options and ideas for main dishes, sides, and of course dessert.  You can get really fancy or stay simple– either way it’ll be delicious.

My family and I went traditional and simple this year.  We had Tofurkey with roasted carrots, potatoes, and onions, steamed sweet potatoes, crispy green beans that we shared with the dogs, fluffy mashed potatoes, cornbread, and of course gravy on top!  We also had sparkling cider (I don’t think any holiday festivity is complete without sparkling cider), vegan / gluten-free pumpkin pie (I was a little skeptical on this one but it was a winner- I actually just polished off the last piece), with big ol’ dollops of coconut whipped cream. SO good. I really need to have this meal more than once a year!

I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones and were able to take some time from these crazy busy lives we lead to reflect on all the things we get to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksliving Friends!

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