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When was the last time you sat down for a meal?  I mean a real meal where phones are off or away, food is being passed around, wine and laughs are being had, and you are living in the present moment?  When was the last time you had a good conversation over dinner or made new friends while breaking bread?

After reading Friday Night Meatballs: How To Change Your Life With Pasta, it made me realize all the above is exactly what I want more of and need in my life!

You must read the article in its entirety but here is the gist: Sarah Grey started hosting weekly Friday Night Dinners AKA Friday Night Meatballs in her Philly rowhouse with her husband and daughter.  The guest list rotates between a mix of friends, clients, neighbors, social media acquaintances, and anyone in between plus as many kids as they can keep an eye on!  Once 10 chairs are filled the RSVP closes and these folks gather around the Grey’s dining table on Friday with delicious bowls of spaghetti and meatballs in front of them.  New friends have been made, jobs been offered, and relationships blossomed over pasta at these weekly dinners!  The post also shares tips on how to be the hostess with the most-ess and not stress out (don’t worry about having a perfect pristine home, use tools available on the internet to help with the guest list and RSVP, figure out what works best for you to make, etc.)– it should be an enjoyable experience all around for guests and the host!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this new tradition Sarah has started in her home and it has completely inspired me to follow in her footsteps!

Getting together is not the easiest thing these days– everyone is juggling crazy schedules and time divided between family, friends, careers, hobbies, and everything else that life throws at us.  It can also get expensive going out and is not convenient for those with little ones.  I love the idea of having weekly dinners with a rotating guest list where everyone is welcome– FNM is the answer!

I decided to start with monthly dinners and a smaller circle of friends and acquaintances with a different theme each month.  Every meal will feature vegan friendly fare and in honor of Sarah’s FNM, my first dinner this month was Sunday Spaghetti Supper!

October's Sunday Spaghetti Supper | Spaghetti and meatballs is a very easy dish to make vegan-friendly! You can make vegan meatballs from scratch or use frozen ones (which is what I did) and you can find vegan Marinara sauce and pastas (most pastas do not use eggs or dairy) at any grocery store– be sure to scan ingredients list to be sure. Our meal also included bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and my guests brought wine and salads.  A simple yet very delicious and filling meal!

Sunday Spaghetti Dinner | It was so much fun introducing Bao’s little one, Elijah, to the dogs– he is a big animal lover!

October's Sunday Spaghetti Supper | Ellie and Eli, posing the same :)

October's Sunday Spaghetti Supper | This photo is one of my favorites from the evening- I feel like it captures what these dinners are all about!

PS: Friday Night Meatballs has a website in the works and don’ forget to follow them on social media!

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